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At our school we have three, core Christian Values which are the foundation of our school: Caring, Perseverance and Respect. Under the umbrella of Caring, we have the values of Generosity, Forgiveness and Friendliness. Perseverance  incorporates Encouragement, Teamwork and Courage, and Respect includes Responsibility, Honesty and Trust. . Everyone shares and demonstrates these values through their actions, words and work. We discuss the importance of these values and celebrate children who use the Christian values in everything they do.


Every month has a different Value focus. At the end of each month, each class picks a child from their class as an Ambassador for that value - they are selected by showing a clear understanding of the monthly value in the way they act in and around school.








                                                   Value of the Month: July - Encouragement














                                                            Next month's Value: Forgiveness.



















Our School Values

Caring Respect Perseverance Previous Ambassadors Kayden Olly Eliza Milly