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Parent Information

If you are a parent we hope that you will be enjoying seeing the work and activities which take place in the school and if your children are new to the school we hope that the years they spend here will be happy, stimulating and rewarding.


Parents play a vital role in encouraging their children with their school work and helping them to adopt appropriate learning skills that should be employed both at school and at home. At Ridgeway Primary, our commitment to you as parents is as important as our commitment to our pupils. This is supported by regular Parent evenings to discuss your child's progress, continual monitoring and teacher assessment.


Should parents wish to discuss their child’s progress at any other time, appointments can be arranged through the School Office.

2016 Parent Questionnaire - Summary of Actions School Evaluation Form (SEF) - Last Updated March 2019
2017 Parent Questionnaire - Summary of Actions

School closed until further notice -


please refer to the curriculum tab to find work for your child to complete while school is closed. All work has been organised under the class tabs. New work will be uploaded to the website on a weekly basis. All work will be reviewed in class, where appropriate,  when the children return to school. If you have any questions regarding your child's work or the school closure, please email Mr Webb at: head.3231@ridgeway.oxon.sch.uk